MIL provides custom logistics, supply chain warehousing, and supply chain management solutions designed for small to mid-sized businesses, large companies and international corporations alike. With good warehouse locations, receiving, storage and transportation of cargo is cost and time effective. Our trained professional Logistics staff can:

  • Receive your freight shipments
  • Inspect for damages
  • Store
  • Pack
  • Ship/distribute
  • Deliver
  • Assemble/install, and even
  • Assist with freight damage claims

 Our storage facilities have the following attributes

  • Proper secured Location.
  • Use of Mechanical Appliances.
  • Sufficient Space.
  • Proximity to the Market.
  • Parking Facility.
  • Safety Measures.
  • Economical.
  • Properly Managed.



MIL distribution services begin when you confirm your cargo will arrive in any means within our localities. On arrival products are transported to MIL warehouse where they are unloaded, inspected and labeled with the product, color, style, purchase order number and any other specific information. The contents are segregated per your specific needs and requirements and delivered to the customer’s door per your instruction and timeframe.

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Modest International Logistics Ltd vision is to be the best in providing Logistics solutions and services with customer excellence and sound business practices.

Modest International Logistics Ltd mission is to be a customer focus company, serving our shareholders, business partners and clients to the best of our ability, while adding value to our clients businesses.

Core values:
Client first, Innovation, Collaboration, Integrity, Safety Excellence.

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