Customer Advisory

Statement regarding the Corona Virus (COVID-19) Pandemic

Dear Customers & Suppliers,



As the COVID-19 pandemic continues and global governments act to limit the spread of the virus, the management of Modest International Logistics Limited has and continues to take what it deems to be the appropriate measures in order to protect the safety and health of our employees, our customer employees, supplier employees and the wider public, whilst maintaining the logistics and supply chain services we provide.
As you will appreciate this unique situation is evolving constantly. Modest International Limited management teams are taking proactive action aligned to our contingency planning, but we also remain aware of the need for dynamic solutions and decisions to changing events. Our high-level key (but not only) areas of focus are:

  • Health – To safeguard the welfare of our employees, customers’ employees, suppliers’ employees and the public, particularly where MIL interacts with these individuals. (Proactive prevention, dynamic intervention when needed to address a virus-related situation)
  • Business Continuity – Maintain and instigate business recovery activities, as a result of the major supply chain disruptions which are and will continue to occur across the industry.


MIL will continuously evaluate and adjust measures as we feel necessary and appropriate, whilst also respecting the mutual agreements with our customers and suppliers in the safest and healthiest possible ways.
The following are just some of the actions which have been initiated:


  • MIL management teams are identifying and addressing associated risks within our warehouses, operations and offices across Kenya.
  • MIL has implemented measures to limit the risk of infection and/or spread of the virus, these measures have been duly communicated to all appropriate parties.
  • MIL will continue where possible to maximise the number of employees working from home .
  • MIL will provide extra protection and solutions for staff who are working inside or outside our premises, so that they are suitably protected against infection.
  • MIL is committed to monitoring and continuously adapting our daily way of working as appropriate, through regular COVID-19 bulletins and/or separate communications.


Given the fluidity of the COVID-19 situation, there are many factors which will and are already disrupting global supply chains. These factors together with industry and governmental directives may well lead to unavoidable additional supply chain costs. MIL will work with our partners to mitigate these disruptions and associated costs as much as possible, communicating with full transparency.
Together, we will do our utmost to overcome these exceptional circumstances and safeguard the continuation of our logistics services. Our intention and commitment will be to mitigate the negative impacts of this global event.  It goes without saying that we will continue to prioritize the health and safety of all people whilst at the same time seeking to meet our customers’ growing and changing day to day, hour to hour needs during this difficult time.




With our very best regards,


Modest International Logistics